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Bird and Monkey

This playful Bird and Monkey series is based on my recent travel to Costa Rica. During our hiking trips to various national parks we captured glimpses of many wild creatures. I was very impressed by the local conservation effort and felt a deep connection with the nature's magic and beauty.

Hutong series

The Hutong series aims to tell stories of the traditional courtyards and alleyways in Beijing and reflect on their fast disappearance through China’s economic growth in the past decades. This series stresses on the important historical, cultural and humanistic values of the hutongs, and criticizes the destructive, dehumanizing and degrading aspects of the so-called “progress”. Being born in Beijing and growing up in one of these Hutongs, I also associate these works as my personal growth charts. Using poetic metaphors such as willow tree leaves for parting and sprouts from dead tree trunks for rebirth, I wish to chart my heritage, identity and emotions, and reflect on the psychological impact of the transformed cityscape on people like myself.

Connect with Nature

The portrayal of nature and figure investigates the intimate communication between human bodies and our surroundings. The multifaceted relationship can be either harmonious, mysterious, dangerous, or confrontational, but always powerful and transitory. It is my goal to engage the viewer to not only feel the connections but also to reflect on the risks and dangers we could face if we do not act.

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